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The Trophy Pack Special
Crash TV Podcast - Episode 10 The Crash TV logo.
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Length 34:56 Date 9/26/08

Crash TV Episode 10 - 'The Trophy Pack Special' was released on September 26, 2008 on iTunes. It is 34 minutes and 56 seconds long.


Crash TV Breaking News[]

Doug reports that Burnout Paradise is available to the PlayStation Store in all regions, Burnout Legends and Dominator now released on EU PlayStation Store, Information about the Trophy Pack, and massive number of Bike crashes compared to Car crashes in Paradise.

Crash TV Spotlight: Trophy Pack[]

Criterion takes a closer look on the PS3 trophies for Burnout Paradise.

Crash TV Spotlight: Online Stunt Run Gameplay[]

The team takes part head-to-head in an Online Stunt Run with "unusual suspects".

Community News[]

The team gives us a Community news and updates.


  • Hosts: Jez and Simes
  • Jez receives a "suspicious" shipment from China.