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Crash is a game mode introduced in Burnout 2: Point of Impact. It is completely separate to the Championship, featuring its own selection of events and available medals.

It is an evolution of crashing in Burnout, which calculated how much damage was caused in real time, and became a series staple, appearing in every subsequent game excluding Burnout Dominator and Burnout Paradise.

The goal of crash event is to cause as much damage as possible in a crash zone by slamming into traffic, with the aim of earning money by hitting busy intersections. Every crash event occurs in small, sectioned-off area of tracks seen in the Championship mode, and the player is restricted to only that zone. If the player travels too far beyond the given zone, it will end their current attempt at an event. Similarly to race events, there is a timer, but the player is only given around 30 seconds to complete a crash.

Each traffic vehicle affected by the initial crash contributes to the amount of damage caused. The more physical damage a traffic vehicle takes, the higher the damage amount it will contribute. As the event proceeds, the total number of vehicles totalled is used as a multiplier bonus. When the event ends, the total damage caused is multiplied by this value, resulting in the player's final total.


Any vehicle can be used for a crash event, provided the player has unlocked it. However, it is beneficial to pick a faster and heavier car, as they will cause higher amounts of damage when colliding with traffic vehicles at high speed. A player will have greater chances of causing damage when they hit the intersection fast. The game encourages this, as the player always has a full Boost bar during the event, and if used, it will always refill itself.

Completing every crash event with a gold medal unlocks the Runaway cheat.


There are a total of 30 crash events in Burnout 2: Point of Impact. They are all uniquely named, and are of increasing difficulty as the target scores increase alongside the complexity of the traffic flow.

Although there are 30 crash events in total, events 16 through 30 are only present in the GameCube and Xbox releases of the game; Burnout 2: Point of Impact - Developer's Cut.