The Coupe is one of the seven starting vehicles in Burnout 2: Point of Impact. A small car with two doors, it has good stats for its class.

The Coupe is characterized by its average speed and acceleration with a mix of great handling. Corners are where it excels and, overall, it has some of the best stats in its class. Its stat distribution is very similar to that of the Roadster, although the Roadster has higher acceleration and control.

Overall, the Coupe is a good choice for both beginners and experts. Its tight handling and decent speed make it a good vehicle to start the standard Championship with.

The Coupe comes in seven colors; white, burgundy, red, yellow, gray, black and blue.

As an opponent in the Championship, it appears in three events; it appears as an opponent in the Pacific Gate Grand Prix, The Run to the Sun and the Roller Coaster Grand Prix. Depending on the player's choice of vehicle, it may also appear as an extra opponent in the Winding Road Grand Prix.

How to Unlock

Complete Offensive Driving 101.


The Coupe takes several cues from the coupe variants of the sixth-generation Honda Civic (most notably the 1999 Civic Si), albiet with a shorter body. The vehicle can be considered the "original" version of the Kitano Hydros Custom and Kitano Hydros Techno in Burnout Paradise, both of which are based on its upgraded variant.

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