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The Compact Collector 5 is a vehicle in Burnout Legends.

This car is the Gangster Legend but decorated with a hot-rod style vinyl and a bright blue paint-job.

The fifth and final collector car in a series is always an upgraded legend ride. The Compact Series' representative is a deluxe version of the Gangster Legend. It is now decorated more like a hot rod with its light blue/purple flame vinyl. The car remains very heavy and boasts slow acceleration, but its steering is more responsive.

How to Unlock[]

Win a Collector Challenge Race against someone who has the car, or collect every other Compact Collector car.


  • Each "Collector" car is chosen randomly after making a new profile. The actual car itself is unlocked after beating an Eliminator within its car type. To unlock the other Collector cars, you must beat a driver who is using the desired car during a Collector Challenge race.