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The Compact C185 Super is a compact car that is only available in crash events in Burnout Revenge. Unlike the Compact C180 Lite, it is in mint condition and has a stronger crashbreaker.

Apart from being fixed up, the Compact C185 has a stronger crashbreaker and travels 5 MPH faster.

Represented as a car of Eternal City, the Compact C185 Super has an Italy license plate that reads RO-CR-01 (Rome Crasher 1). 

Colors that can be selected include black, grey, yellow, purple, orange, silver, red, and blue

How to Unlock[]

PS2/Xbox Get a Medal in Eternal City Crash Circle Of Strife in Rank 2.

Xbox 360 Get a Medal in Angel Valley Crash Cars Wars in a Rank 9.


This car strongly resembles the Peugeot 205 and the Renaut 5 Turbo. It also resembles a Mini Cooper. It is a refurbished, repaired and cleaned-up version of the Compact C180 Lite.

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