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The Coastguard HQ is the northeast event destination in Burnout Paradise located in Downtown Paradise. A fair number of events finish at this location and some Freeburn Challenges also take place here too.

The finish line is located on East Crawford Drive on the bend that turns it 90°, the nearest intersections being Angus Wharf and Patterson Avenue. Its position makes the finish stretch from any point a challenge somewhat as traffic can get particularly dense in the area and also due to the layout of the road with its block separators in the middle of the Drive.


Some shortcuts are available to racers and enable them to cut corners and reach the finish line quicker or remain safe from rivals' attacks.

From East Crawford Drive[]

From this street players can zoom through Big Surf Beach stretching to the North of the Drive. The area offers protection from Marked Man rivals and grants players with some Boost thanks to the split ramps if they are daredevil enough. Alternatively, racers can also use the elevated walkways on the South side of the Drive's sidewalks which prevents them from being harassed by rivals.

From the I-88 Section 2[]

When on the Interstate, racers can drop from the elevated highway thanks to open construction paths located on the East of the road. One will make players fall from it onto East Crawford Drive, while another takes vehicles on a series of containers and a sloped exit opening up opposite to the Downtown Paradise Junkyard.

From Angus Wharf[]

From that street players can choose the best known shortcut leading to the finish, the warehouse to the South-East of the HQ is accessible and offers racers a straight stretch from the Motor City Auto Repair. An elevated section is also present to allow drivers to snatch a little more Boost to make it in first place.

It is not advised however to take the "long way" which snakes through the dockside zone of Motor City, the route is hazardous with Y-sections and containers in the middle of the yard. That route is also longer than the strict road itinerary which rivals follow.

Events and Challenges[]

Below are the Events and Freeburn Challenges that involve the Coast Guard HQ.

Career Events[]

Event Type Event Name Starting Point
Race Avant Guard Young & 1st
Race Coast to Coast Warren & Manners
Race Going Coastal Nelson & Lewis
Race Rollercoaster Young & Hubbard
Race Save Ferris West Crawford & Nelson
Marked Man Emergency 911 2nd & Hamilton
Marked Man Mayday Mayday Harber & Manners
Marked Man Rescue Me South Bay Expressway & Parr

Burning Routes[]

Event Type Event Name Starting Point Time Limit Reward
Burning Route (Right) Hot Rod Coupe

Burning Route

West Lake & Cannon 1:50 Carson Tribal Special
Burning Route (Right) X12

Burning Route

Manners & Parr 1:25 Jansen XS12
Burning Route (Right) Inferno Van Burning Route 1st & Fry 1:05 Carson Inferno BRT Van

Freeburn Challenges[]

Players # Name Type Description
3 5 Coastguards Team Challenge Meet at the Coastguard HQ.
5 27 Coastguards Team Challenge Meet at the Coastguard HQ.
7 34 Coastguards Team Challenge Meet at the Coastguard HQ.