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Coast to Coast is a Race in Burnout Paradise.


Head North-West on Manners Avenue and cut through the pier and warehouse shortcuts to reach Harber Street. After crossing the river locate the Sundial and engage into the shortcut directly behind it.

Reaching the 1st Street and Fry Avenue intersection, keep going North on Fry Avenue and after the intersection, keep right to then enter the Paradise City Police Department underground parking shortcut. Now on 2nd Street enter the Downtown Park via its 2nd Street and Root Avenue entry.

Cross the park towards the North-East and once out continue diagonally across the intersection to engage into the construction site. Inside, keep to the right to avoid taking the Super Jump and instead to slope down towards Webster Avenue.

At the intersection keep going to carry on North on Webster Avenue. After the building overpass head into the shortcut leading to the I-88 toll booth and stay on the right lanes (northbound direction). Past the tolls keep right to drop down from the Interstate through a gap in the railing onto East Crawford Drive.

From there the finish line is straight ahead and considering the number of shortcuts, your Rivals should be far behind.