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The Classic Muscle is the only car players can start with in Burnout Dominator, but it proves itself to be the perfect learning car and an all-rounder vehicle.

Its slippery enough to drift well, responsive enough to maneuver through traffic, and heavy enough to compete in a Road Rage, effectively making it a balanced car. Its acceleration and steering are average compared to other classics, but it isn't underpowered and can win any event.

Represented as a car of Black Gold Highway, the Classic Muscle has a Texas license plate that reads "DO-CL-02" (Dominator Classic 02).

The Classic Muscle comes in Red, Black and Brown.

How to Unlock[]

Available from the beginning.


The basic shape of the Classic Muscle is similar to that of a 1971 Ford Mustang or a Chevelle SS. The headlights and grill are similar to the Stock C175 Super from Burnout Revenge.


  • A video file found in the PlayStation 2 release suggests it may have been intended as an unlockable car at some point during development.[1]


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