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The Classic Crasher C170 is a vehicle in Burnout Revenge. This is possibly the best vehicle to use in a Crash event but it is also the last crash vehicle to be unlocked in the World Tour.

The Classic Crasher C170 is the final crash vehicle that can be unlocked in the Dominator Rank. It is equipped with a maximum crashbreaker force and is as fast as the Stock C170 Mid. Although it has the most powerful boost launch of any crash vehicle and a decent speed, it feels heavier than other vehicles in its weight class and fails making jumps on some junctions as a result. Pumping the crashbreaker up to full force is also very difficult, which is surprising for a smaller car. While this car has quite notable deficiencies, it is still an excellent crash vehicle and can beat the Mobile Diner in certain fields such as speed, size, and handling. In Burnout Dominator the car is renamed to "Assassin" and can be driven as a race vehicle, but it goes 180 MPH to match with the Hot Rod Series' speed class.

Represented as a car of Central Route, the Classic Crasher C170 has a Hong Kong license plate that reads HK-SP-01 (Hong Kong Special 1).

A downgraded version of this car, the Dominator Assassin, can be unlocked immediately, but only as an exclusive to Burnout 3 owners. It is basically the same car but it has a slower speed, weaker crashbreaker and different flame/wheel colors.

How to Unlock[]

PS2/Xbox Win a medal in the White Mountain, Crash Cry For Alp in a Rank 10.

Xbox 360 Win a medal Angel Valley Crash Crash Of The Titans in a Rank 7.

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