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The Classic is a vehicle in Burnout 2: Point of Impact. It is an old American coupe that has great control and high speed but low acceleration.

The Classic is an old-timer's vehicle with a vintage design and could be considered a counterpart to the Gangster. It has very good control and impressive top speed, making it effective at taking corners at high speeds. However, what holds the Classic back from being a powerful racing machine is the acceleration; the Classic's acceleration is miserable and is tied for 3rd lowest acceleration in the game with the Coupe. Due to this, it takes a while for the Classic to get back up to speed after a crash, and even longer for it to get going should it not perform a boost start at the beginning of events, which severely hinders its racing performance. For the Xbox release, the control was slightly lowered.

The Classic has a slew of unique colors. In total, it has eight and is tied for the most amount of colors for a single vehicle in Burnout 2 with the Compact and Japanese Muscle; white, silver, gray, blue, red, cream, pink and lilac.

The Classic's only appearance in the Championship is Pursuit 2. It does not make any Grand Prix appearances, though it can appear in single races where the player uses a custom vehicle.

How to Unlock[]

Shut it down in Pursuit 2.


It is styled after 1958 Cadillacs, especially the 1958 Cadillac Fleetwood but with a coupe body style and other small changes. The Classic reappears in Burnout Paradise as the Hunter Manhattan.

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