Burnout Wiki

The Hunter Citizen burning route may seem simple to complete but the Citizen's steering mechanics and weak chassis make this one of the more challenging burning routes for beginners to complete in the time slot given.


Starting from the intersection of Evans Boulevard and 5th Street the player should continue going south along Evans until the end of the tunnel. Once the player reaches the end of the tunnel take a slight right turn, ('NOTE: Do not follow along Harber Street') but instead cut across to the shortcut and stay left the entire time. Avoid going along South Bay Expressway as the player will probably wreck, and instead take the super jump and Naval yard shortcut to the left of S. Bay Expressway. The player should come out underneath of the Fort Lawrence Naval Yard sign, continue along S. Bay Expressway, ignoring the firstsuper jump and instead taking the second jump onto the railroad above. Stay on the railroad to the left side and the player should come out just before the Lone Stallion Ranch. (Estimated time of arrival: 1:15)