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The Chrome Car is a test vehicle in Burnout Paradise.

The Chrome Car's description makes it clear that the vehicle was used to test reflection effects for moving objects, alongside shaders and lighting in-game, during development.


Built for a special effects team, this unique ride can take plenty of punishment and always comes up shiny.


It simply resembles a metal ball on four wheels, and it produces the same engine sound as the Watson R-Turbo Roadster.


  • It appears that this test car has an excessively long speed boost bar. The only other car sharing a bar of similar length is the Montgomery Hawker Mech.
  • The Chrome Car seems to have an extremely high mass and will almost instantly drop out of the air.
  • The top of the car will clip into the ground if it is upside down.
  • The vehicle also appears in numerous other Electronic Arts games including Need for Speed: Carbon and Need for Speed: World except has ties to the Porsche 911 Turbo S (996).


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