The Championship is the primary game mode in Burnout 2: Point of Impact.

In Single Player, the player can progress through the game by unlocking vehicles and additional events. In this mode winning the event in Races is not mandatory in order to proceed, but getting a Gold medal on every event unlocks an Infinite Boost Cheat. Moreover, Gold medals on certain Pursuits and Face Offs unlock certain vehicles.

One should note that the Championship isn't unlocked at the start of the game, as its availability is governed by the completion status of Offensive Driving 101.


There are 15 different stages to go through in the Championship.

Championship stage 01 - Pacific Gate Grand Prix - B2 thumb
Pacific Gate Grand Prix
Grand Prix B2 Trophy A
3 Races
Championship stage 02 - Face Off 1 - B2 thumb
Face Off 1
Face Off Hot Rod B2 thumb
1 Hot Rod
Championship stage 03 - The Run To The Sun - B2 thumb
The Run To The Sun
Point to Point Race B2 Trophy B
Championship stage 04 - Pursuit 1 - B2 thumb
Pursuit 1
Pursuit Cop Car B2 thumb
1 Cop Car
Championship stage 05 - Winding Road Grand Prix - B2 thumb
Winding Road Grand Prix
Grand Prix B2 Trophy A
4 Races
Championship stage 06 - Face Off 2 - B2 thumb
Face Off 2
Face Off Oval Racer B2 thumb
1 Oval Racer
Championship stage 07 - The Miracle Mile - B2 thumb
The Miracle Mile
Point to Point Race B2 Trophy C
Championship stage 08 - Pursuit 2 - B2 thumb
Pursuit 2
Pursuit Classic B2 thumb
1 Classic
Championship stage 09 - Roller Coaster Grand Prix - B2 thumb
Roller Coaster Grand Prix
Grand Prix B2 Trophy A
5 Races
Championship stage 10 - Face Off 3 - B2 thumb
Face Off 3
Face Off Japanese Muscle B2 thumb
1 Japanese Muscle
Championship stage 11 - The Crystal Freeway - B2 thumb
The Crystal Freeway
Point to Point Race B2 Trophy C
Championship stage 12 - Pursuit 3 - B2 thumb
Pursuit 3
Pursuit Gangster B2 thumb
1 Gangster
Championship stage 13 - Steel Storm Grand Prix - B2 thumb
Street Storm Grand Prix
Grand Prix B2 Trophy A
6 Races
Championship stage 14 - Face Off 4 - B2 thumb
Face Off 4
Face Off Supercar B2 thumb
1 Supercar
Championship stage 15 - Custom Series Qualifier - B2 thumb
Custom Series Qualifier
Face Off Custom Compact B2 thumb
1 Custom Compact

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