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Central Route main

Central Route is one of two Asian Locations in Burnout Revenge. It is based off of Hong Kong, China and features two circuits.


Short Circuit[]

Central Route Short

Much of the track takes place through crowded alleyways with multiple elevations. This circuit is removed from the busier side of town but there is still enough traffic to threaten players in a race.

Long Circuit[]

Central Route Long

The long circuit heads more into the city's tourist district where traffic is bustling. Alternative routes include the area's many transport stations. Buses and trams are commonly seen in traffic too.

World Tour Events[]


  • Rank 2: Preview Lap
  • Rank 3: Burning Lap Long Forwards
  • Rank 3: Traffic Attack Long Forwards
  • Rank 3: Race Long Reverse
  • Rank 6: Crashbreaker Road Rage Short Reverse
  • Rank 6: Crashbreaker Race Short Reverse
  • Rank 6: Crashbreaker Eliminator Short Reverse
  • Rank 6: Grand Prix 6
  • Rank 9: Burning Lap Long Reverse
  • Rank 9: Traffic Attack Long Reverse
  • Rank 9: Crashbreaker Road Rage Long Reverse
  • Rank 9: Crashbreaker Race Long Forwards
  • Rank 9: Crashbreaker Eliminator Short F
  • Rank 9: Traffic Attack Short Reverse
  • Rank 9: Crashbreaker Race Short Reverse
  • Rank 10: Crashbreaker Eliminator Long Reverse
  • Rank 10: Crashbreaker Road Rage Long Forwards

Crash Junctions[]

Central Route features the most crash junctions of any location:

  • Rank 2: "Crispy Fried Truck"
  • Rank 3: "Prawn Smackers"
  • Rank 3: "Tram-A-Tised"
  • Rank 6: "Won-Ton Destruction"
  • Rank 6: "Shao-Lin Tumble"
  • Rank 6: "Street Car Set On Fire"
  • Rank 9: "Double-Wrecker"
  • Rank 10: "Noodles Of Fun"

Xbox 360 Release[]

The Xbox 360 release includes two extra Crash Junctions for Central Route:

  • Rank 2: "Grand Master Crash"
  • Rank 6: "Enter The Junction"


  • There are several Crash Junctions for Central Route created during development that are not featured in the released game:
    • "Way of the Crash"
    • "Grandmaster Crash"
    • "Double-Van Damage"
    • "Enter the Junction"
    • "Spring Roll"
    • "Land of the Rising Smash"
    • "Pacific Ram Slam"
    • "Highways to Havoc"