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The Carson PCPD Inferno Van is a downloadable vehicle in Burnout Paradise part of the Cops and Robbers Pack. It uses the model of the B Team Van from Burnout 3: Takedown.

It is the police version of the Carson Inferno Van. Like the original Inferno Van, it is one of the strongest vehicles in the game, making it an ideal brawler for Online Cops and Robbers, Marked Man and Road Rage events.


Due to the recent crimewave, this special pursuit vehicle has been released to the Paradise City Police Department. We are Code 3, so press the L3 button to hit the sirens.


The PCPD Inferno Van resembles an early 1980s Chevrolet G20 van. However, some players believe that the Carson Inferno Van is a reference to the GMC Van that was used in the TV series "The A-Team". This can be deduced because in a previous game, a van which looked similar, which was a crash car, was named the "B-Team Van".

Like other PCPD cars, this car resembles a cop car, in this case an older American one. It is unique among Paradise's police cars in that it has two sets of lights on its roof.

How to Unlock[]

Purchase the Cops and Robbers Pack.


  • This is the only PCPD vehicle with two siren lights, one from the back, the other being the front, thus replacing roof lights. The brush guard lights have also been replaced with additional siren lights, making the vehicle have the loudest siren in the game.

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