The Carson Opus XS is the upgraded version of the Opus. Though tricky to master, is excellent at barrel rolls due to the fact that its body is very wide which makes it easier to hit the kicker on split ramps, and its reluctance to turn actually helps make minor adjustments so you can nail the ramp just right to achieve the perfect barrel roll. In the hands of a skilled driver landing triple barrel rolls is quite easy. It is one of the strongest stunt cars in the game, and therefore has a strong presence in Road Rage and Marked Man events. It is also the fastest accelerating car that can be unlocked at its stage in the game. This makes it even better for freeburn. The high cruising speed makes hitting far away billboards from rooftops much easier. The main downside to driving this car is its boost power, which is not very strong. However, the massive cruising speed makes disengaging it much less risky because it will not lag too far behind. This can be useful for races, since it has been rewarded with a better cruising speed, as well as maintaining its boosting speed.


The Opus XS brings a lot more to the party, with a cool graffiti spray job and a tuned engine for a higher cruising speed. So get cruisin'!

How to unlock

Win the Opus Burning Route.


The Opus XS shares design cues from a lot of early 1960's mid-sized cars, with the 1964 Chevrolet Impala being one of them. Its design also matches the Low Rider model used in Burnout Revenge.


  • In Burnout Paradise's Free February Update, the Opus XS' speed stat was lowered from 9 to 5.
  • The Carson Opus is one of the few vehicles which can take down a Hunter Olympus at full speed head-on.
  • The car has the same license plate as the regular Opus, which makes sense considering the XS is the upgraded version of it.
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