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For burning up straight roads, the Carson & Bennett Hot Rod Coupe is second to none. Watch out for the boost wheelie at low speed.

The Carson Hot Rod Coupe is a vehicle designed with Freeburning in mind, but it also has a few quirks in store for anyone who chooses to drive it. Its major feature resides in its ability to wheelie whilst boosting at lower speeds. Steering is lost whilst performing a wheelie, which can be a hindrance when faced with obstacles.

The Hot Rod Coupe's performance in Race events is subpar without the use of boost due to its sluggish acceleration. Another issue with the Hot Rod is that players may need to let off the boost whilst taking sharp corners at high speeds. The Coupe is easier to crash compared to other vehicles of equal strength, due to its exposed front wheels making it a poor choice for Road Rage events. The Hot Rod Coupe is a very impressive Stunt car as it performs Barrel Rolls and Flat Spins smoothly.

The Coupe may not be the easiest car to control, but it is a fun and exciting vehicle that experienced burners will definitely be pleased with.

How to Unlock[]

Win 155 events, then shut it down.

Burning Route[]

Burning Route (Right) Hot Rod Coupe Burning Route


  • In Burnout Paradise's Free February Update, the Hot Rod Coupe's speed stat was lowered from 6 to 5.
  • It is possible to activate Boost without wheeling. This can be performed by tapping the boost button twice instead of holding it. The car will rock backwards but will still be maneuverable. This happened after the Free February Update.
  • The Coupe's wheelie whilst boosting at low speeds is an idea taken from the original Hot Rod in Burnout 2: Point of Impact..
  • The Hot Rod Coupe is one of the fastest cars in Paradise whilst boosting.
  • A teaser trailer released on July 31, 2007 that show the Hot Rod Coupe with only half its current exhaust pipe length.
  • The license plate reads "US-B2-HR," Which may stand for "United States-Burnout 2-Hot Rod."