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This is the upgraded version of the Carson Dust Storm, which is a stripped down, pure competition off-road vehicle. The SuperTurbo is much lighter, faster, and its handling is more responsive than that of the stock version. It has exactly the same model as the Dust Storm, only now it features a matte black finish which appears to be accompanied by rust & mud on various parts of the vehicle. It also has a silver suspension, along with a black rollcage.


Built purely for thrills, the SuperTurbo is the Dust Storm de-limited, turbo charged and let off the chain. This puppy gets so much air you might need to trade in your Burnout License for a pilot's license!

How to Unlock[]

Complete The Dust Storm Burning Route.


The Carson Dust Storm Superturbo could most accurately be called a Truggy.


  • The SuperTurbo was revealed & showcased in Criterion's Crash TV: Episode 34 on June 8th, 2009.
  • Whenever you participate in a Race or Road Rage event with the stock Dust Storm or SuperTurbo, computer controlled Dust Storms and Dust Storm SuperTurbos will always be present instead of normal Paradise vehicles.
  • This vehicle can't be used in an Online Cops and Robbers.
  • The SuperTurbo appears to be one of the fastest accelerating cars in Paradise from a standstill under boost.
  • The Dust Storm & Dust Storm SuperTurbo both have Turbochargers on the back of their engines, which signifies that the name of the SuperTurbo is not a literal description.
  • Even though the tires on the Dust Storm SuperTurbo read Criterion 4x4 Offroad, it only has a Rear-Wheel drivetrain.
  • The SuperTurbo seems to have a high driveaway rate despite being an open wheel vehicle.
  • This is the only car to have no visible window glass.




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