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The armour-plated Steel Wheels packs plenty of extra weight for grinding persistent rivals into the wall.

The Carson "Steel Wheels" GT is a steel plated variant of the GT Concept and can only be unlocked by entering a sponsor code.

It has identical statistics and the same boost type as the Hunter Citizen making it suitable for Marked Man and Road Rage events.

The steel plating brings some quirks to the otherwise predictable GT. The increase in weight means that the handling is not as sharp or as responsive, and also significantly reduces its acceleration compared to other GT models.

It cannot match its GT cousins in feel and overall abilities but is almost unmatched compared to its brethren as a combat-heavy vehicle.


A sponsor code is required to unlock the "Steel Wheels" GT, and a Burnout License as well to be driven offline.

Enter one of the following case-sensitive codes in the North American release:

  • U84D 3Y8K FY8Y 58N6
  • E60J 8Z7T MS8L 51U6
  • G23X 5K8Q GX2V 04B1
  • E165 6L1Q ZQ2H 10V3
  • Q83E 3H1S BI3B 40P4

Enter the code "Z891 4K88 IN25 79AA" in the European release.


  • The "Steel Wheels" GT had darker rims before the game's release.
  • Burnout Paradise's Free February Update lowered the Carson "Steel Wheels" GT's speed stat from 8 to 6.
  • The Free February Update disabled the ability to enter sponsor codes.
  • Before the Free February Update, billboards in Paradise Square advertising the GT Flame, with the slogan "Redefining The Muscle Car", were revised to advertise the "Steel Wheels" GT.
  • The finish cannot be changed, even after driving through a paint shop, as the bodywork is unpainted steel.
  • This car cannot be unlocked through the Time Savers Pack.
  • This vehicle cannot be used in an Online Cops and Robbers game.
  • The "Steel Wheels" could have been named as an homage to Wheels of Steel by Saxon.
  • This vehicle was used as a pre-order bonus in many global regions before the 2008 release of Burnout Paradise.