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This page "Carbon" contains information considered as spoiling.

If you do not want any hints, cheats or achievable detail for the game, then do not read on.

It is highly recommended that you only read this article if you have completed this aspect of the game or if you are extremely stuck.

Carbon hydros custom

The Carbon variants are a special series of cars in Burnout Paradise. The six vehicles included have the highest statistics of their variants and are arguably some of the best cars in the game.

These carbon vehicles are original Paradise cars refitted with a special carbon fiber body and chrome trim. The Carbon finish is unchangeable and cannot be painted in standard conditions.

The carbon variants are immensely superior to their normal counterparts because they have had boosts in every statistical field and because of their boost type conversions.

Carbon cars can only be unlocked as rewards for completing Freeburn tasks such as landing all Super Jumps or beating all Showtime Road Rules.


Vehicle Unlock
GTCarbon Carson Carbon GT Concept Smash through all 400 Smash Gates.
CarbonX12 Jansen Carbon X12 Successfully land all 50 Super Jumps.
CarbonHydros Kitano Carbon Hydros Custom Beat all 64 Showtime Road Rules.
CarbonUberschall Krieger Carbon Überschall 8 Complete two full sets of Freeburn Challenges.
CarbonHawker Montgomery Carbon Hawker Smash all 120 Billboards.
IkusaCarbon Nakamura Carbon Ikusa GT Beat all 64 Time Road Rules.


  • Carbon cars cannot be used in an Online Cops and Robbers game.
  • Using a carbon vehicle in a one-on-one race will force the rival to use the same carbon vehicle except with a colour tint.