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Cannon Pass is a relatively short road within the Sunset Valley sub-district of White Mountain.

It connects Nelson Way and the intersection of West Lake Drive andEast Lake Drive. It runs relatively parallel to the upper portion of Chubb Lane.


Cannon Pass is a slightly curvy road with multiple shortcuts. It starts from Nelson Way (heading southbound) or from East Lake and West Lake (heading Northbound).


Event Name Start location End location
Race Plaza Endurance Nelson Way Waterfront Plaza

Burning Route (Right)

Hot Rod Coupe

Burning Route

West Lake Drive Coast Guard HQ


There are multiple shortcuts along Cannon Pass.

Nelson Way[]

  • Heading west, there is a shortcut just beyond the Paradise National Park sign on the left which will lead to either a billboard if the player takes the walkway to the right, or if the player stays left an intersection of dirt paths.

East Lake Drive[]

  • Heading west towards West Lake Drive, there is the parking lot of the WaterFall Diner which players can drift through onto Cannon Pass.

West Lake Drive[]

  • Although only accessible from Cannon Pass if the player stays right they can take a shortcut which leads to a ramp that (if jumped correctly) lands the player onto the red bridge overpassing West Lake Drive.

Gameplay Strategies[]

  • Races: If the player is heading towards the Wind Farm they can cut across the WaterFall Diner's lot from East Lake Drive onto Cannon Pass and take the shortcuts leading to Nelson Way which then the player can drive along to Uphill Drive and snatch victory!
  • Road Rage: Cannon Pass serves no major advantages or disadvantages. If the player is skillfull enough they may be able to get a Vertical Takedown from one of the shortcut ramps.
  • Stunt Run: If the player is driving on Nelson Way and turns onto Cannon Pass there is a billboard along a wooden walkway. The player can also take the shortcut onto the Red Bridge mentioned previously and can get the billboard sitting atop the red bridge.
  • Marked Man: The multiple shortcuts provide a safe haven for the player and buy the player a few seconds to figure out a route to get to there destination.

Notable Structures[]

The WaterFall Diner and Frankie's Camp grounds are the only strutures present on Cannon Pass. Although the actual camping grounds are not accessible normally or via glitching. Only the Diner's Parking lot is accessible to players.