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The Bus is one of the four unlockable vehicles in the original Burnout and is one of the two "Special" vehicles.

With its enormous size, low acceleration and average top speed, it is not recommended for races. It can ram itself into rivals, although this will result in a crash for both the Bus and the rival racer.

The main issue with the Bus is its huge size: it is easily one of the largest vehicles offered and can be difficult to manoeuvre through the narrow roads of River City or the alleyways in Gridlock USA.

If the player crashes, something which is very hard to avoid with its huge size, it will take a long time for the Bus to catch up to any opponents ahead.

Overall, the Bus is not good for any type of race, as it is far too slow and is easily crashed into.

Like the Tow Truck, the Bus does not have any additional colors.

How to Unlock[]

Win Face Off 4.


  • At one point in development of Burnout, it was known as the "Hudson 418".[1] This name can also be seen on the Bus itself.
  • The Bus has been seen in every Burnout game as a traffic vehicle.
  • The Bus is able to keep up with players during Face Off 4 because of the game's rubber band A.I., which is designed to slow down the vehicle when ahead of the player but also speed up when behind the player.
  • During Face Off 4, if the Bus crashes on the side of the bridge at the start of the course, it is possible that the Bus will respawn on the freeway below. This will count as the Bus completing a full lap, and the player will be unable to win the race should this happen.


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