Staff on the Burnout Fandom are users will local roles for editing Fandom sites. Users with roles above being a "user" are here to support editors, moderate the community, and maintain quality on the Burnout Fandom.

Administrators (also known as system operators, admins or bureaucrats) can be contacted with regards to any problems with the site, although it is recommended to contact an active sysop.

A breakdown of roles on Fandom can be found at Help:User rights.



Admins (Sysop)

Content Moderators


Discussion Moderators


Fandom Staff

Wiki Manager


Users can apply for roles on the Burnout Fandom by contacting a bureaucrat user. Requests for roles will only be considered if the user is an active editor of this site.

Depending on the role being requested, users may have to meet certain criteria:

  • Admins: Knowledge of Fandom editing and/or several games in the Burnout series.
  • Content Moderators: Knowledge of at least a single title in the Burnout series.
  • Discussion Moderators: Previous experience or knowledge of moderating forums or instant messaging servers.

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