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How Can You Help?

The Burnout Fandom is a fan-written wiki aimed at being an encyclopedia of the Burnout series, and as we're part of the Fandom network, it's easy to edit and open to everyone with a Fandom account.

Here's a few simple and easy suggestions for getting started editing on this wiki.

Helping Out

  • Text Errors - Not everyone can do words good... but that's where all of us come in to help. Our Manual of Style has a few guidelines on what we expect to see in our articles:
    • Spelling - New articles may be written with American English or British English spelling, but American English spelling is preferred for all and existing articles.
    • Grammar - Is something difficult to understand? Maybe you could make improve its readability.

  • Articles - Our articles are reason for out readers to visit this wiki:
    • Stubs - Does an article have a stub? Perhaps you could add to the article or expand on some already present content.
    • Cleanup - Does an article need a cleanup? Some content may not be in the right order or needs some reworking.
    • Vandalism - Has an article been vandalised? You could help out by removing the vandalism or notifying an admin.
    • Create - We keep out red links here. If you see one, that's an article we'd like to be made.

  • Burnout - The Burnout series has been around for over twenty-five years, and that's a long time for anything! You don't have to know everything about the series to contribute, so here's a few more focuses ways to add to the wiki:
    • Games - Maybe you know a lot about a specific game in the series. You could add to articles regarding that game.
    • Vehicles - Maybe you know a lot about some of the vehicles in the series. You could add to our car, bike, or other vehicle articles.
    • Guides - Maybe you want to share how to complete parts of a game? Why not add to a few articles with "how to" or "walkthrough" guides.
    • Development - Maybe you've seen some pre-release or early builds of a Burnout game and want to share what you've found.

Content Goals