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Burnout CRASH! is a downloadable spin-off game that was released on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade on September 20th, 2011.[1] The title has a price tag of $9.99 & €5.49 on PlayStation Network or  $9.99 & £6.42 on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. (Formerly available for  800 Microsoft Points, however Microsoft Points have since been retired.) The iOS version is also announced and released on April 12, 2012 at $4.99 & £2.99 on the Apple App Store. It is also the final Burnout game in the Burnout franchise before the series' discontinuation.

It is inspired by the Crash mode from previous Burnout games but with a more arcade-style. It consists of 3 game modes, 6 levels and 18 total Crash intersections.

This game marks a return of a Crashbreaker feature. It is also the first Burnout game to feature the Need For Speed's Autolog system so players can compete with other friends for high scores.

What visually distinguishes CRASH! from previous games in the series is its top-down camera view in contrast to previous games' third person or first person angles.[2][3]

Gameplay Mechanics[]

Event Objectives[]

Each event has a total of 5 stars that a player can earn. Each star has an objective displayed in order for them to be unlocked. Players will unlock new intersections, bonus events and vehicles after earning a certain number of stars.


Players earn points in a crash junction events by crashing their vehicle into the traffic within the area of a crash junction, destroying buildings, wrecking parked cars and destroying obstacles surrounding the junction in order to create a pile up traffic.

The bar at the bottom left corner of the screen is the Crashbreaker bar which can only be used once it has been completely filled. The bar fills up gradually over time or at an increased rate if the player collides with traffic. Aftertouch can be used after the player's vehicle has exploded.


Skillshots are when a traffic vehicle is launched into an unwrecked traffic vehicle.

  • Punt Skillshot - A traffic vehicle is forced to hit an unwrecked moving traffic vehicle.
  • Shunt Skillshot - A traffic vehicle is launched into an unwrecked parked traffic vehicle.
  • Dunk Skillshot - A traffic vehicle is plunged into water or nudged down a hole.

Additional Skillshot bonuses can be earned according to the distance the traffic vehicle has traveled.

Skillshot Bonus Tally
Skillshots Normal (5 yds) Super (10 yds) Incredible (20 yds)
Punt $1,000,000 $2,000,000 $3,000,000
Shunt/Dunk $500,000 $1,000,000 $1,500,000

Combos and Chains[]

Combos and chains earn players greater numbers of points during a crash event.

  • Smash Chain Bonus - Smashing at least 3 objects in a row scores a row.
  • Explosion Combo Bonus - Blow up a number of traffic vehicles at the same time.
  • Explosion Chain Multiplier Bonus - A series of explosions taking place that have been triggered by a player explosion or an explosion resulting from a player explosion.

Event Modes[]

Each intersections have 3 main game modes:

Road Trip[]

The player must prevent certain traffic vehicles from leaving a crash junction after they have entered it. Crashing traffic fills the Crash Meter. When it's filled a Feature will activate to bring bonus points to the total, or try to avoid getting risky results. A Super Feature will trigger when the meter is filled up for the 3rd time and the event will end after an indicated number of traffic vehicles have been wrecked.

Players will have to anticipate where to create a wall of piled up vehicles, when to detonate explosives and how large explosions will be.

The event will instantly end if 5 vehicles escape the intersection without being wrecked. You will also know how many vehicles escaped by the X's (at most 5) shown on the screen.

Rush Hour[]

The player has 90 seconds to rack up as much damage as possible within a crash junction. Pizza Trucks will enter the intersection at random intervals. Players will be able to use a Power-Up from the "Pizza of Fortune" after blowing up a Pizza Truck.

The event will end once the timer has ran out. This will also cause the player's vehicle to release a large Crashbreaker and earn an additional score bonus based on the damage it causes.


The player must earn a certain amount of damage to make the vehicle enter an Inferno phase. Inferno causes all scores to be multiplied with an Inferno multiplier but only if there is a vehicle or building on fire.

A countdown timer will engage if nothing is burning along the intersection. The Inferno multiplier will decrease each time a traffic vehicle escapes the intersection.[4]

Kinect Rush Hour Party[]

A local multiplayer Rush Hour mode which can be played exclusively using Xbox 360's Kinect. Players will have split into 2 teams and wait for the active player to finish crashing.

The slot machine will randomly determine the junction they're crashing, the vehicle they're using and the motion required for Crashbreaker detonation. These motions include raising arms like a cheerleader and imitating the Hadouken move.

Players can move their arms and hands in the fashion of a steering wheel to control a vehicle that is entering a crash and can use their body to control their vehicle whilst using Aftertouch. Kinect users has a "radar" on the bottom right of the screen which shows where the player is positioned.



These power-ups can be activated by the player after either; filling up their crash meter or by having the Pizza of Fortune wheel land on it.

  • Power-Up - A positive attribute that will allow the player to earn additional points.
  • De-Buff - A negative attribute that will make it more difficult for the player to earn points.





Four Taxis will enter the intersection.
Each Taxi wrecked awards a greater score bonus.
Taxis are worth between $4,000 to $4,000,000.


A Limo will enter the junction.
It will drop a few bags of money along its route.
It will only enter from the safer route where less traffic has piled in.

Gas Tanker

A large truck hauling gasoline will enter the junction.
Blowing it up will trigger a large explosion.
It will enter from a random route.

Missile Truck

A truck hauling a missile will enter the junction.
The missile will be fired once the truck has been destroyed.
The missile will detonate at a random location along the intersection.
The truck will enter from a random route.

Ice Cream Truck

All traffic vehicle are frozen in within its vicinity when blown up.
Destroyed frozen traffic vehicles will score a $250,000 bonus.


A bulldozer will appear and plough all traffic vehicles out of its way.
It is worth $3,000,000 points if destroyed.

Good Cops

Police units will set up a road block on a route of the intersection.
The police cars will enter from a random route, preferably the cleaner one.

Bad Cops

Police units will be deployed against the player's vehicle.
Colliding with a police car will disable the Crashbreaker for 5 seconds.

Manhole Madness

Sewer water spews out of the ground like a fountain.
The player's vehicle will bounce off of the fountains.
Traffic vehicles colliding with a fountain will instantly explode and score a $1,500,000 bonus.


A large hole appears at the center of the intersection.
Traffic vehicles falling down the hole will score a $500,000 bonus.


Lightning strikes every traffic vehicle that is about to explode.
Strike explosion will score a $250,000 bonus.


The junction turns snowy and icy causing all vehicles to skid.
Wrecked traffic vehicles hit by a Crashbreaker will slide a greater distance and earn a bonus.
All skillshots are worth double whilst snowing.

Meteor Shower

A Meteor shower will rain above.
Meteors will destroy traffic vehicles.
Vehicles destroyed by a meteor will not earn a score.
Players will be forced to re-enter if hit by a meteor.


A band of Fog will appear over the intersection.
Players will have no visibility of the intersection.
Crashbreakers will create small openings in the Fog for a short time.
Lasts for a short period of time.


Attracts nearby traffic towards the player's vehicle.
Lasts for a short amount of time.


A "Super Crashbreaker" will detonate from the players vehicle.
The player has 10 seconds before it detonates.
It causes a high yield explosion.
This will not end Rush Hour immediately.

Traffic Speed Up

Traffic vehicles will increase in velocity.
All traffic vehicles will travel at a faster speed.
Lasts for a short period of time.

Traffic Speed Down

Traffic vehicles will decrease in velocity.
All traffic vehicles will travel at a slower speed.
Lasts for a short period of time.

Drive In Again

The player's vehicle will be returned to the intersection entrance.
The player's vehicle is repaired and will be forced to re-enter the junction.
Traffic will continue to pass whilst this occurs.

Super Multiplier

All earned points will be multiplied by 3.
Lasts for 10 seconds

Special Traffic Vehicles[]

CRASH! features some traffic vehicles as "Pick-ups" instead of those previously seen in Burnout 3: Takedown and Burnout Legends. Blowing up certain vehicles will activate a power-up.

Special Traffic Vehicles



Pizza Truck

Blow them up and take a gamble on the "Pizza Of Fortune" which randomly selects a Feature.
It will only enter from the safer route where less traffic has piled in.
Can enter twice during Rush Hour.

Sports Car

Wrecking a Sports Car awards a $1,000,000 bonus.
Blowing up a Sports Car awards a $2,000,000 bonus.

Gold Car

Wrecking a Gold Car awards a $2,000,000 bonus.
Blowing up a Gold Car awards a $4,000,000 bonus.


Ambulances make their way across intersections. Un-wrecked Ambulances remove a single X from the Escape Meter in Road Trip.
It will only enter from the safer route where less traffic has piled in.
Only appears when the player has at least 1 X gained in Road Trip.

Bank Truck

A blown up Bank Truck will leave three money bags at random corners along an intersection.
The amount on each awards will decrease over time.
Only appears when there are no X's gained in Road Trip.
Can also appear in Rush Hour after being chosen in Pizza Of Fortune.

Super Feature[]

Road Trip events have special Super Features that will be activated after a certain number of traffic vehicles have been wrecked. The Super Feature will award a score bonus based on the amount of damage it causes.

The damage power of a Super Feature depends on the number of X's on the Escape Meter.  Fewer X's means more power for the feature.

Super Feature

Super Feature




Windrush Road

A swirling wind funnel.

Plane Crazy

Skywing Street

The plane crash lands across the intersection.

Tidal Wave

Seacrest Drive

A huge wave traverses across the intersection.

Martian Menace

Roswell Road

A UFO appears and fires a heat beam around it.


Rockham Road

A huge meteor from space will land in the centre with shock waves causing destruction.

Lobster Monster

Blueclaw Boulevard

A giant lobster squashes everything it steps on.


Main article: Vehicles (Burnout CRASH!)

A recent interview by GameTrailers with the game's Creative Director - Richard Franke - revealed that some cars from Burnout Paradise such as the Hunter Vegas, Jansen P12, Hunter Takedown 4x4 and Carson Inferno Van appear in CRASH! with a more cartoon-styled aesthetic to match the rest of the game.[5]

There are the total of 7 vehicles and 6 can be unlocked by earning enough stars. Each vehicle has its own Crashbreaker statistic as well as a certain amount of force within it shown as Power. Aftertouch will also display how agile a vehicle can be controlled after a collision or explosion.


Main article: Locations (Burnout CRASH!)

There are 6 locations across Crash City and 3 intersections within each location.


Main article: Soundtrack (Burnout CRASH!)

Original music plays in the background as well as the theme song "Crash" by The Primitives. Other songs are played as special vehicles appear or when Features and Super Features occur during gameplay.


Main article: Awards (Burnout CRASH!)

The PlayStation 3 release features 19 Bronze trophies and one Silver trophy. The Xbox 360 release features six achievements worth 5GamerScore, 13 worth 10GamerScore and one worth 40GamerScore.


Players scores will be tracking on the leaderboard, dubbed as "Crashwall." The Crashwall will alert players to beat friends' scores as well as suggest challenges in a similar method as the Autolog leaderboard system seen in Criterion Games' Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit.[6]


Burnout CRASH! began development as a Wii title. It initially was designed so that players could construct their own crash junctions using a Wii remote although this feature was cut during development as it was not found to be as fun or engaging as previously thought.

Crash mode was not included in Burnout Paradise as CRASH! had been in development for 18 months before its unveiling in July 2011.

The top-down view of the title was designed to make more of a level more visible to players than Burnout's traditional action and helicopter angles.

In October 2011, Criterion revealed on Twitter that an iOS release of Burnout: CRASH! was in development and released in April 2012.[7]

iOS Release[]

The iOS release for Burnout CRASH! is slated for April 12, 2012 with full compatibility on the iPad & iPhone. The title will use only touch and swipe commands instead of a virtual joystick/gamepad.

It will also feature a complete Autolog integration although as well as Apple's Game Center, but only for achievements.[8]


  • The exclamation point in the game's logo contains elements from the Crashbreaker icon used in previous games.
  • Vehicles in the Car Select screen are arranged in ascending order for Power and descending order for Aftertouch.
  • Road Trip is renamed as Road Block in the iOS release.
  • The online servers for the game were shut down on October 24, 2017.




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