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Disambig iconThis article is about the game mechanic Burnout. For the first game in the Burnout series, see Burnout (game).

A Burnout is when a player uses their Boost completely. This will cause the boost bar to automatically refill itself to a certain extent. They can be performed in Burnout, Burnout 2: Point of Impact, Burnout Dominator, and using Burnout Paradise's Speed boost vehicles.

Burnout Chain[]

While boosting, the player can perform Stunts and do the usual gamut of dangerous actions that fill up the boost bar normally (ex. Traffic Check, Oncoming, etc.). If the player can do enough of these things before the Burnout happens and succeed in performing a Burnout, the car will continue boosting without pausing. This starts a Burnout Chain. The player can continue doing so for an indefinite amount of time, assuming that they do not release the boost or crash in the process. The game keeps track of how many Burnouts the player manages to perform in a chain, but only displays the count up to 100. If one manages to get a 100x Burnout Chain, the message will read "Burnout WOW!" for every Burnout after and including the 100th, until the chain stops. It is, however, still counted, and the longest burnout chain will be shown on the stats screen. In Burnout Dominator, hitting a x10 will say "BURNOUT DOMINATION".


Burnouts have influenced one of Criterion's other works. In Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (2010), using the nitrous oxide completely results in a Burnout, adding 100 bounty to the current score. However, players can only get the 100 bounty reward once per event regardless of how many Burnouts are performed, and they cannot earn nitrous while using them, therefore unable to chain Burnouts.