Burning Route
Burning Route 500GT
Type Vehicle Specific Time Attack
Goal Reach finish line in given time.
Players 1
Total 35 (Burnout Paradise)
1 (Big Surf Island PDLC)

A Burning Route is an event in Burnout Paradise that requires players to use a specific car and race against time to a certain location. To most, Burning Routes would be known as (timed) point-to-point sprint races.

Each time a player completes a specific vehicle's route, an upgraded version of said vehicle is unlocked. The car features new paint finishes and, in most cases, a slight upgrade in statistics.


As with races, each Burning Route can start at any intersection but will only end at one of the 8 finish destinations. The player is given a time to beat and must get from start to finish within that time to win the event. Usually, this limit will give leeway to crash once or twice at most, but the player is recommended to boost as much as possible and to take the shortest route possible.

The difficulty of these events generally rises as more cars become available in the game but will also depend on how well one can handle some of the cars. For example, heavy vehicles such as the Carson Inferno Van and Hunter Takedown 4x4 are not going to get from start to finish as easily as the other cars. Such is reflected in the target times that one has to beat for each of their routes. When using one of those vehicles, it is recommended that the player focus more on "staying alive" by turning correctly when needed and not driving at top speed.

When performing a Burning Route event in a vehicle with Speed boost a pre-planned route is highly recommended as one mistake may cost the event.

The event will always start the player's vehicle in a direction pointing towards the finish. if the route has a finish point in the South then the player can point in any direction at the intersection and the game will automatically turn the vehicle to the best direction for that route. This means that the player doesn't have to spin around and find the best start point on the intersection. Sometimes there is a downside to this as the finish could be in the Southwest but if the player wants to head south then the event might start off pointing west which will require the player to immediately turn the car.

Burning Route Events

There are 35 Burning Route events in Paradise City. The following table shows the start locations and finishes for each event as well as the vehicle required and the vehicle unlocked by completing the event.

NameStart JunctionDestinationOriginal Target TimeUpdated Target TimeVehicle RequiredVehicle Unlocked
Cavalry Burning RouteE. Crawford & PattersonWildcats Baseball Stadium1:101:40Hunter CavalryHunter Oval Champ 69
Mesquite Burning RouteLambert & 5thFort Lawrence Naval Yard1:201:45Hunter MesquiteHunter Mesquite Custom
SI-7 Turbo Burning RouteSullivan & 9thWaterfront Plaza1:001:23Nakamura SI-7Nakamura Racing SI-7
Vegas Burning Route7th & FrankeWildcats Baseball Stadium0:501:15Hunter VegasHunter Vegas Carnivale
Pioneer Burning RouteHamilton & 9thFort Lawrence Naval Yard1:251:56Krieger PioneerKrieger Pioneer Super Gator
Ikusa GT Burning Route2nd & GlanceyMaplemount Country Club1:151:38Nakamura Ikusa GTNakamura Ikusa Samurai
Hydros Custom Burning RouteHubbardWildcats Baseball Stadium1:051:32Kitano Hydros CustomKitano Hydros Techno
Reliable Custom Burning RouteNelson & UphillLone Stallion Ranch1:352:03Hunter Reliable CustomHunter Reliable Special
R-Turbo Roadster Burning RouteKing & HarberMaplemount Country Club1:151:33Watson R-Turbo RoadsterWatson Burnout Roadster
LM Classic Burning RouteLambert & 2ndLone Stallion Ranch1:251:51Rossolini LM ClassicRossolini LM Track Package
Manhattan Burning RouteWebster & AndersenFort Lawrence Naval Yard1:201:56Hunter ManhattanHunter Manhattan Custom
Fastback Burning RouteHarberLone Stallion Ranch1:302:02Carson FastbackCarson Fastback Special
Grand Marais Burning RouteRoot & ParadiseWildcats Baseball Stadium1:051:06Carson Grand MaraisCarson Grand Sicilian
Hyperion Burning Route3rd & GlanceyMaplemount Country Club1:151:27Montgomery HyperionMontgomery Hyperion Rattler
616 Sport Burning RouteGlancey & 4thFort Lawrence Naval Yard1:151:30Krieger 616 SportKrieger 616 Arachno Sport
Spur Burning RouteNelson & RackCrystal Summit Observatory2:052:22Hunter SpurHunter Hotspur
GT 2400 Burning RouteE. Lake & W. CrawfordWildcats Baseball Stadium1:402:01Montgomery GT 2400Montgomery Sabotage GT 2400
P12 Burning RouteS. Bay Expy & ShepherdWind Farm2:102:37Jansen P12Jansen P12 Track Package
Inferno Van Burning Route1st & FryCoastguard HQ1:051:15Carson Inferno VanCarson Inferno BRT Van
Tempesta Burning RouteParadise & YoungFort Lawrence Naval Yard1:051:16Rossolini TempestaRossolini Tempesta GT
Opus Burning Route1st & WebsterMaplemount Country Club1:201:34Carson OpusCarson Opus XS
Annihilator Burning RouteWebster & 4thCrystal Summit Observatory2:352:53Carson AnnihilatorCarson Annihilator Phoenix
X12 Turbo Burning RouteManners & ParrCoastguard HQ1:251:41Jansen X12Jansen XS12
Touge Sport Burning RouteE. Crawford & HamiltonWind Farm2:352:53Kitano Touge SportKitano Touge Criterion
Takedown 4x4 Burning RouteSouth Rouse & HallCrystal Summit Observatory2:20 -:--Hunter Takedown 4x4Hunter Takedown Dirt Racer
500 GT Burning RouteEvans & 3rdWind Farm2:352:36Carson 500 GTCarson Racing 500 GT
Oval Champ 07 Burning RouteI-88 Section 4 TollboothWaterfront Plaza1:301:33Hunter Racing Oval ChampHunter Racing BRT Oval Champ
GT Concept Burning RouteLucas & HansWildcats Baseball Stadium1:501:51Carson GT ConceptCarson GT Flame
Citizen Burning RouteEvans & 5thLone Stallion Ranch1:351:37Hunter CitizenHunter Civilian
25 V16 Revenge Burning Route3rd & FryCrystal Summit Observatory2:052:06Watson 25 V16 RevengeWatson Revenge Racer
Hawker Burning Route2nd & AngusWind Farm2:452:48Montgomery HawkerMontgomery Hawker Solo
Überschall 8 Burning Route5th & RootLone Stallion Ranch1:30 -:--Krieger Überschall 8Krieger Überschall Clear-View
Thunder Custom Burning RouteLambert & LawrenceWind Farm2:102:13Carson Thunder CustomCarson Thunder Shadow
Hot Rod Coupe Burning RouteW. Lake & CannonCoastguard HQ1:501:52Carson Hot Rod CoupeCarson Tribal Special
WTR Burning RouteI-88 Section 3 TollboothWildcats Baseball Stadium1:00 -:--Krieger Racing WTRKrieger PCPD Special

PDLC Burning Route Events

NameStart JunctionDestinationOriginal Target TimeUpdated Target TimeVehicle RequiredVehicle Unlocked
Dust Storm Burning RouteShires & GrangeParadise Keys Bridge 1:35 -:--Carson Dust StormCarson Dust Storm SuperTurbo


There are 3 Awards for PC/PS3, 2 Xbox 360 Achievements and 1 PS3 Trophy concerning Burning Routes.

Image Criteria Type Award
Feelingtheburn Win 10 Burning Routes. Award -
Supercharged Win 25 Burning Routes. Award -
Allpimpedout Win all Burning Routes. Award -
Supercharged Win 25 Burning Routes. Achievement 20 GamerScore
Allpimpedout Win all Burning Routes. Achievement 10 GamerScore
BP Original Bronze Awarded when you complete your 5th Burning Route. Trophy Bronze


  • Once a Burning Route is completed it can be re-entered in the upgraded vehicle. However, it will not count as a mark towards your license.
  • Completed Burning Route events do not reset when the players license is upgraded.
  • Most of Burning Route target times were increased in the Free February Update to accommodate the change in vehicle statistics.