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Burning Rides are new events included in the Bikes Pack for Burnout Paradise and now shipped on the game disc in Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box. Burning Rides are the Bike's equivalent of the Car's Burning Routes, however, differences exist. Along with Midnight Rides and Road Rules, Burning Rides are the only offline events bikes can compete in.

Differences Between Burning Routes and Burning Rides[]

  • Some of these Burning Rides are timed checkpoint events wherein the rider must race through a set number of checkpoints before the time limit expires.
  • Completion of one Burning Ride isn't systematically rewarded by the unlocking of a new vehicle. Instead, reaching certain milestones of completion of the total amount of such events unlocks a new bike.
  • These checkpoint events do not have to end at one of the predetermined endpoints in Paradise City like any other Event as they can terminate at simple street intersections.

List of Burning Ride Events[]


Start Location End Location Time

Harber Street

 Country Club 1:34
1st Street & Fry Avenue Lone Stallion Ranch 1:39

Andersen Street & Angus Wharf

Waterfront Plaza 8:41

Palm Bay Heights[]

Start Location End Location Time
Newton Drive & E. Crawford Drive Wildcats Baseball Stadium 1:33
9th Street & Hudson Avenue The Naval Yard 1:55

Harbor Town[]

Start Location End Location Time
Hubbard Avenue & S. Rouse Drive  Country Club 1:26
S. Rouse Drive & Lambert Parkway Waterfront Plaza 1:31
S. Bay Expressway & Parr Avenue Coastguard HQ 1:52

Hall Avenue & Manners Avenue

Observatory 2:56

Silver Lake[]

Start Location End Location Time

Nelson Way & E. Lake Drive

Wildcats Baseball Stadium 1:47
Ross Drive & Nelson Way Lone Stallion Ranch 1:50
N. Rouse Drive & Lewis Pass Wind Farm 2:24
Nelson Way & Read Lane Waterfront Plaza 2:40
Nelson Way & Lewis Pass Nelson Way & Lewis Pass 4:03

White Mountain[]

Start Location End Location Time
W. Lake Drive & S. Mountain Drive Wind Farm 1:45
Chubb Lane & W. Lake Drive North Naval Yard 1:52
Chubb Lane & W. Lake Drive South Observatory 1:55
W. Lake Drive & Cannon Pass

Chubb Lane & W. Lake

Nelson Way & Uphill Drive Coastguard HQ 2:57