Burning Lap is an event in Burnout Revenge that originated in Burnout 3: Takedown. The aim is to perform one lap of a track as fast as possible.


In Burning Lap, medals are handed out for your sole lap time. To aid in getting these times, Boost is earned much faster than in a regular event, to the point that the lowest method of earning boost, Oncoming, now gives you so much boost you earn it faster than you can burn it.

While the Burning Laps in Burnout 3 mostly relied on constant boosting and not crashing, Burning Laps in Burnout Revenge add a new strategy point. While the first few Burning Laps can be taken on the main route, almost all others require the use of Shortcuts (indicated by a pair of flashing blue lights) in order to get Gold, or even Silver on most of the later ones. In this sense Burning Laps are a good way to find and discover the best shortcuts to use in a race.

Another event that plays with the same mechanics as Burning Lap is Preview.

World Tour


Rank 1 Sunshine Keys Burning Lap Forwards


Rank 2 Eternal City Burning Lap Long Forwards


Rank 2 White Mountain Burning Lap Reverse


Rank 3 Central Route Burning Lap Long Forwards


Rank 3 Eastern Bay Burning Lap Lower Link Forwards


Rank 4 Lone Peak Burning Lap Reverse


Rank 5 White Mountain Burning Lap Forwards


Rank 7 Angel Valley Burning Lap Forwards


Rank 9 Central Route Burning Lap Long Reverse


Rank 9 Eastern Bay Burning Lap Eastern Bay Upper Link

Rank 10 Motor City Burning Lap Motor City Short Reverse


Rank 10 Lone Peak Burning Lap Forwards


Rank 10 Eternal City Burning Lap Long Reverse


thumb|300px|left|Burning Lap Gameplay

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