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Burning Lap in progress

Burning Lap is an event featured in Burnout Legends. This event was previously featured in Burnout 3: Takedown and is a variant of Time Attack from the Burnout Legends World Tour.


The player has to set a time in a single lap of a specific location. A time can be beaten for each medal and beating one of these records will earn the player a medal. In each event a certain car will be given to the player.


Crashing at any point in an event will keep the player from earning the Gold Medal. In order to get the gold medal the player will have boost across the entire track. The key to earning the Gold Medals in this event is to know the track's layout and to know how to control the cars.


  • Achieving a gold medal in a Burning Lap will unlock a postcard. Earning all the postcards will unlock the Classic Hot Rod.
  • Sunrise Valley's burning lap is the only that allows players to select a vehicle from Sport series