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Burning Lap is an event in Burnout Dominator where the aim is to complete one lap as fast as possible, with medals earned for particularly quick lap times.


Burning Lap is an event played by only one racer, as aside from the player, there are no competitors in the event. One of the things that makes Burning Lap unique is that Boost is earned at a much higher rate than in any other event. This makes the Gold and Silver times for any event dependent on the player constantly boosting.

Unlike other Burnout titles, Burning Lap is only available in Single Player, and can only be done as part of a Dominator Preview. A Dominator Preview is where you perform a Burning Lap in the Dominator Vehicle of a particular car series (for instance, the Classic series Dominator Preview has you racing in the Low Rider).

An event similar to Burning Lap is Time Attack, however in this event there are unlimited laps and the boost is earned at the normal rate. It's only available in Record Breaker mode.

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