Burning Lap is an event type in Burnout 3: Takedown, where the player races alone to set the fastest single lap time on a given track.

Burning Laps are usually done in a car much faster than the class the player used to unlock the Burning Lap in the first place: For instance, the Alpine Burning Lap is unlocked during the starting Muscle Series, and yet it uses the US Circuit Racer, one of the fastest cars in the game. Players also earn a lot more boost than in normal events in order to achieve top times, so much so that doing the lowest boost earner, Oncoming, earns boost faster than the player can use it.

In World Tour, Burning Laps fall under three categories. The first is Normal Burning Laps, where the vehicle is always of the current class the event was unlocked. The second is Preview Lap, where the player can drive a vehicle they haven't unlocked yet (for instance, the Classic Hotrod). The third is Special Event, where the Prize for beating the best time is not only a Gold Medal, but also a Special Event Postcard. Winning all of these unlocks the Classic Hotrod. A fourth version, Time Attack, is available via Single Event, and revolves around besting lap records.

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