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The Hunter Olympus and Rai-Jin Turbo are the only 2 boostless cars.

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All bikes are boostless.

Boostless vehicles were introduced in the Cagney update for Burnout Paradise. These special vehicles do not have any boost and do not receive boost bonuses from performing stunts or driving skills.

When performing a Showtime with a car fitted with a boostless system, it will be given a gray boost bar that extends as far as a regular Stunt boost bar would. This way such vehicles can compete and set a showtime rule. Motorbikes can not acquire boost in any form as they use the same boostless system and they cannot enter showtime.

Boostless cars are available to any player during an Online Freeburn game. These vehicles are meant as game balancing aids for players who haven't unlocked the stronger and faster vehicles at the end of the offline career.

Alternatives to Boosting[]

The boostless cars are disadvantaged against their boost propelled counterparts in the sense that they cannot benefit from quick acceleration or increased top speed. Boostless vehicles are generally designed to compensate this lack of boost with enhanced speed like the Nakamura Rai-Jin Turbo for instance or incredible strength like the Hunter Olympus.

Stunt Run[]

Boostless cars are not able to perform to their full potential in such events as boost tapping is impossible during Stunt Run. In order to get the same results they must be driven in reverse between locations in order to keep the current combo alive. This strategy can be dangerous and is not recommended as driving in reverse limits maneuverability and brake power.


The motorbikes included in Burnout Paradise's Bike Pack and Toy Pack also lack boost. The motorbikes cannot boost to higher top speeds as regular cars are able to but instead players can make the bike's rider lean forwards to increase their top speed.