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A Hot Rod demonstrating the Boost Start in Burnout 2.

B2 Hot Rod Boost Start

Boost Starting the Hot Rod...

A Boost Start or Fast Start is a method to start events from a standstill with blistering acceleration aided by Boost. It first appeared in Burnout 2: Point of Impact and later on in Burnout 3: Takedown and Burnout Revenge (for Crash events only).

Using the Boost Start gives the player a considerable advantage against his Rivals and levels out the odds with rivals that have themselves performed a Boost Start.

Certain vehicles react physically to a Boost Start, namely the Hot Rod and the Classic Hotrod, by wheeling away from the starting line.


To perform a Boost Start, one must execute certain button combinations: in 2 steps, the player should zoom away from the starting line. A step-by-step guide follows:

  1. As the countdown starts, tap the brakes and immediately apply the throttle.
  2. This should make the wheels spin and make the car do a "real-life" burnout, if this doesn't happen, try again until you succeed.
  3. After the countdown gets to 1, release the throttle and then reapply it immediately as soon as the race starts.
  4. You should hear your Boost ignite as you reapply the throttle, if not, you have failed to perform a Boost Start and must restart an event if you wish to do so.

Use in Burnout 2[]

Main article: Burnout 2: Point of Impact

A Boost Start can be performed in many events in Burnout 2. A player in a Race naturally benefits from it the most. Boost Starting is also possible in Offensive Driving 101 lessons and Pursuits.

A player engaged in a Crash can also execute the maneuver to reach the Zone early. For this event, a player can use this to hit the initial vehicle faster and cause greater Damage by affecting more vehicles. It is strongly recommended to Boost Start for each Crash Zone as the traffic configuration can always be hit earlier for a bigger crash.

Runaway is a cheat variant of Crash which always grants the player a Boost Start.

Use in Burnout 3[]

Main article: Burnout 3: Takedown

Boost Starting is also featured in Burnout 3, but only possible in Crash events because of the fact that Races have the competitors beginning with a rolling start.

If Boost Starting should be always used in Burnout 2, it shouldn't always be for Burnout 3 due to the fact that going too fast into a Junction can cause the player to miss the key traffic vehicles that would cause the most damage.

Use in Burnout Revenge[]

Main article: Burnout Revenge

In the Xbox 360 version of the game, players can execute the same steps mentioned above, in a similar manner to the Boost Starting technique for previous games.

In the PS2 and Xbox versions, a unique Launch Bar replaces the traditional Boost Start system by determining the launch velocity of the car based on the Player's ability to hit both green areas. Failure to do will launch the car at a slower speed. More dangerously, hitting both ends will make the car blow up.

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