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The Black Elite Racer is an unlockable race vehicle in Burnout Revenge.

It has green windows and a unique "Black" livery design covering its body. It was incorporated as a promotional tool for the Criterion-developed shooter Black released for PlayStation 2 & Xbox in 2006. The license plate is inscribed "Kellar", which is the name of the protagonist in Black.

Performance-wise, it is light weight, which means a bit of slow acceleration, but makes it a fair choice in Road Rage as super light vehicles will have some difficulty taking it out. It can understeer at high speed, resulting in its mobility being limited and can get loose when drifting.


The Black Elite Racer is unlocked upon reaching Elite rank.


  • The Black Elite Racer in the Xbox 360 release does not feature the Black livery but does the feature the "Kellar" license plate.