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"Speed along coastal roads! A twisty course with a feeling of California!" - Burnout 2 manual

Big Surf Shores is a track featured in Burnout 2: Point of Impact. It takes place in the city area and suburban outskirts of the Big Surf Resort region. It is the longer counterpart to Big Surf Grove and is the inspiration for the Big Surf Island expansion in Burnout Paradise. It also reappears in Burnout Legends, under the name Big Surf Shore. The game's third title screen demo takes place on this course, featuring the Custom Coupe and three other custom series vehicles.


Like the manual describes, Big Surf Shores is largely inspired by areas near the California coastline, such as Laguna Beach. Being a coastal area, the roads are very windy and bumpy, with several elevation changes and sudden sharp turns. The coastline is the most prominent setting in the Shores route, as it is present in most of the circuit, although the city area is also a major landmark in the course.


The traffic in the Shores route is much denser than that of the Grove route, likely due to the Shores route being set in the middle of the day when tourists and vacationers would be present throughout. This route extends past Grove's suburban area down to the bottom of the coast. It travels through a small resort area, where a beach, several luxurious villas and even a small gas station can be found. There is a lighthouse near where the coast loops back around to reconnect with the suburban area.

Like the Grove route, Shores is also notorious for the harsh turns it features near the end of the course. The double hairpin at the hill where the two routes reconnect followed immediately by another hairpin into the traffic of the city area can make for dangerous drift encounters if the player is not able to handle them. The latter turn is more dangerous here than in the Grove route, as the increased traffic coming in from and out to the neighboring Palm Bay area and the nearby Interstate 88 can result in a crash if the player is not able to react fast enough.

There are plenty of opportunities to earn boost throughout this course. The majority of the road traveled on is oncoming and the plentiful turns, while sharp, do provide ample opportunity to build up boost. The coastal area also provides several opportunities to get huge airtime due to the very bumpy terrain.

Prerequisites to unlock[]

Forward: Complete The Miracle Mile.

Reverse: Complete the Speed Streak Grand Prix.