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"Speed along coastal roads! A twisty course with a feeling of California!" - Burnout 2 manual

Big Surf Grove is a track featured in Burnout 2: Point of Impact. It takes place in the city area and suburban outskirts of the Big Surf Resort region. It is the shorter counterpart of Big Surf Shores.


Like the manual describes, Big Surf Grove is largely inspired by areas near the California coastline, such as Laguna Beach. Being a coastal area, the roads are very windy and bumpy, with several elevation changes and sudden sharp turns. The bay area is seen briefly at the start, though much of the course is spent going through the outskirts, where a small residential area is present, before looping back around over a mountain and back into the city area. Low visibility due to the darkness can pose a problem, but should not be an immediate threat.


While the bay area has the densest traffic population, the traffic in this course is not that dangerous. Likely due to the time of day, there is relatively little traffic present, although caution should still be taken. A racer's biggest worry will be the bumpy, winding roads, as the Big Surf tracks are notorious for the incredibly harsh turns near the end of the circuit, with the S-turn hill that is soon followed by a sharp hairpin turn. Excellent drifting is essential in this track, especially at the hairpin turn, where traffic is likely to blindside an unsuspecting drifter.

There are plenty of opportunities to earn boost throughout this course. The majority of the road traveled on is oncoming and the plentiful turns, while sharp, do provide ample opportunity to build up boost. The bumpy roads can also give fast racers some good airtime.

Prerequisites to unlock[]

Forward: Complete The Crystal Freeway.

Reverse: Complete the Split Second Grand Prix.