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"Speed along coastal roads! A twisty course with a feeling of California!" - Burnout 2: Point of Impact instruction manual

Big Surf is a south-western area in Burnout 2: Point of Impact. It is one of the seven zones in which players race through on their way through the game. This area is notable for being in one of the title screen demos, as well as the location of the Face-Off against the Supercar.

It is a mix of congested city areas and winding coastal roads. The course can be fairy wide open, but at times, it can be hard to avoid traffic or other racers. The area also features some nasty turns, including a 180° turn and a hairpin not long after.

"Pass Me By" is the music track that plays in this area.


The manual describes this area as "a twisty course with the feeling of California", which is most likely what this course is based on. The first half of the area is a bustling city area near the coast, with several buildings lined up along the coastline. The roads in this section are usually wide open, so avoiding traffic here is usually incredibly easy. A suburban area can also be found just to the west of the city, only seen in the Big Surf Grove track.

The second half of the area is a coastline section with several luxurious beach houses, only seen in the Big Surf Shores track. This section is a lot more winding than the city area, with several twists and turns. The road is also a lot thinner, so avoiding cars can be challenging at certain points. A deadly cross-section, a 180° S-turn and a hairpin turn area also present near the area where the coastline connects behind the city.

The traffic in this area isn't too dense, but it can blind side the player in certain areas, the long, thin tunnel near the city section and the large hairpin turn at the back of the area being two areas in particular. The crossroad can also be challenging to get past, as the majority of the traffic that passes through it are larger vehicles such as buses and big rigs.


Two courses take place in this area.

In addition, a point-to-point race travels through half of this area.