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A Barrel Roll is a stunt that can be performed in Burnout Paradise off Split Ramps or various terrain around Paradise City. They are performed by driving the players vehicle up the ramp so that one side rides up the higher ramp portion or positioning the vehicle at an angle while hitting elevated terrain.

Barrel rolls were first featured in Burnout 3: Takedown as an element of its crash mode.

Paradise's free February update added a mechanic that will correct a player's vehicle after a single barrel roll provided the player has the speed and height to make a full rotation. It is also possible to perform more than one barrel roll if they hold the left analog stick in the direction of the barrel roll.

Big Surf Beach is a good location to learn to Barrel Roll as it has a pair of Split Ramps in the middle of a long traffic-less run up. Another location is at one of the main entrances to the Lone Peaks Quarry which is a prime candidate for a multiple barrel roll.

The Carson Opus XS was widely regarded as the best vehicle for barrel rolls until the release of the Carson Extreme Hotrod. The Dust Storm SuperTurbo holds the record for the most barrel rolls at nine through normal means, however the player can actually do more than ten barrel rolls with the Carson Extreme Hotrod on I-88 through a glitch, by hitting the red bridge's middle bar with the middle of the car and go online while the car is hitting the bar.

The Airfield and the Lone Peaks Quarry are two of the most popular place for performing barrel rolls and stunt runs.



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