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The Back Alley Shortcut is as the name implies a shortcut passing through 4 building blocks throughout Downtown Paradise, a district in Burnout Paradise. It is one of the longest road shortcuts, as it crosses six Downtown streets. It also passes through the City Park in Downtown.

Shortcut Layout[]

Players can start at the South opening on Harber Street. Drivers will find themselves between 2 adjacent buildings before moving under a concrete structure. Eventually they will be lead into a tunnel before re-emerging to the South of the City Park, there the player will hit the first Super Jump and will drive under the overpass bridge in the park. Then they will hit the second Super Jump that will lead them through an opening in the Parking Garage to the North of the Downtown Park. After landing the jump, players will find themselves headed for a pedestrian only commercial zone featuring an inaccessible plaza. Finally, drivers will find themselves at the 4th Street and Glancey Avenue intersection. The reverse operation is completely possible and both Super Jumps are reachable.

Road Intersections[]

Heading Northbound:

  • Harber Street: Back alley entry signaled by 2 yellow flashing barriers. When driving Southbound, be aware of the concrete separator.
  • 1st Street: No signaling present except for a low clearance sign; decorative only, all vehicles swiftly pass under. Use caution as cross traffic can be dense and collisions can occur.
  • 2nd Street: The driver will pass between 2 concrete separators, cross traffic present so crashes can occur, however they are quite rare.
  • 3rd Street: If the second Super Jump is taken with enough speed, no crashes can happen with cross traffic on this road.
  • Andersen Street: The player will pass East of a Gas Station, under the overpassing El Train tracks. Will pass in between two Natural Ramps. Interactions with cross traffic can happen but remain rare thanks to the 1-lane flow and low traffic density.
  • 4th Street and Glancey Avenue: The end of the shortcut. Warning: Busy intersection ahead!

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