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The B-team Van is the 5th vehicle you unlock in crash mode in Burnout 3. It is a parody of the van driven in the TV show "The A Team". It is faster than other heavyweights and handles well, making it one of the best small vehicles for crash mode. Its crashbreaker is on the higher end and can shell out a better explosion than other cars. This is a also a very common USA traffic vehicle.

This van can be painted in grey, blue, and black.

How to Unlock[]

Awarded for causing $15,000,000 of damage in Crash mode.


It bears a resemblance to the GMC Vandura from the TV series "The A Team." The grille and headlights seem to be from fourth-generation Chevrolet transport van.

A similar customized version of the B Team Van appears in Burnout Paradise with the name Carson Inferno Van.

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