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The Assassin Super is a Super series vehicle in Burnout Legends.

It is not the fastest vehicle in the Super series, but it has formidable acceleration, grippy and responsive handling, and has a very high top speed.

It is both heavier and faster than the Super Type 2, making it much better suited to Road Rage events. However, the increased weight does affect handling somewhat, as the increased momentum can result in unwanted crashes when attempting to wall grind or slam opponents.

It is also much grippier than the majority of Super series cars, even to the point of understeering slightly when taking corners without drifting.

As with most "Assassin" type cars, its color options are Red, Blue, and Black.

How to Unlock[]

Perform 150 Takedowns.


  • It retains an identical design to its counterpart in Burnout 3: Takedown.
  • The Assassin Super, along with the Super Type 2, has taillight covers with broken glass damage stages.