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The Assassin Muscle is a vehicle in Burnout 3: Takedown. It is the upgraded version of the Muscle Type 2. In return for a weight point, the Assassin Muscle receives an additional speed point, but the handling of the car is pretty much the same as the original variant. Being an Assassin vehicle, the Assassin Muscle is now more suitable for Road Rage events, but its specialty still lies in Races. A unique modification made to the Assassin Muscle is that the exhaust now comes out from the middle of the trunk.

With some extra strength and speed, the Assassin Muscle is now both suitable for Road Rage and a much better choice for racing than its stock variant. Despite it feeling heavier, it handles and accelerates the same while maintaining control in fights. The 3 MPH speed increase is quite noticeable and makes the Assassin Muscle comparable with the Dominator Muscle. The only differences in shape are the wheels, spoiler and exhaust position.

Color schemes for the Assassin Muscle are blue/white, red/white, and black/light grey.

How To Unlock[]

The Assassin Muscle is awarded at 30 Takedowns.


Like the original, the Assassin Muscle appears to resemble the fifth-generation Nissan Skyline GT-R, also known as the R34 Skyline V-spec II. The headlights resemble that of a Nissan Maxima GLE 2002-2003 (fifth generation) with a smoke tint. The tail lights resemble that of a fifth generation Ford Mustang (before the redesigned 2010 model) with the exception of the color of the turn signals.

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