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Angel Valley is one of four USA Locations in Burnout Revenge. It is based off of Los Angeles, California and only features a long circuit.


Angel Valley

Smog fills the sky in this traffic-congested West Coast city. The track's route loops around the freeway and through a hillside residential area. A storm drain and several alleys can be used as very helpful shortcuts, but players must be careful not to hit the edges. There is also an enterable car dealership with parked vehicles that can be checked from any direction. Although it is visible, the track never enters the heart of downtown.

Crash Junctions[]

Despite being a location with its own unique zone for crash events, Angel Valley features fewer junctions than other locations:

  • Rank 1 Crash Hollywood Spills
  • Rank 4 Crash Drain Damage
  • Rank 9 Crash Crash De La Vista
  • Rank 8 Rank 10 Crash Silly-Cone Valley
  • Pre-Release: Car Wars (took place in an unused district)

XBOX 360 Exclusive Junctions[]

The HD port released on the XBOX 360 added 10 new crash junctions around the world:

  • Rank 8 Crash Highway To Crash
  • Rank 9 Crash Car Wars
  • Rank 7 Crash Crash Of The Titans (Takes place in circuit)

Race Events[]

  • Rank 1 Preview Lap
  • Rank 4 Race Forwards
  • Rank 4 Road Rage Reverse
  • Rank 7 Burning Lap Forwards
  • Rank 7 Traffic Attack Reverse
  • Rank 7 Crashbreaker Race Forwards
  • Rank 7 Crashbreaker Road Rage Forwards
  • Rank 9 Eliminator Forwards
  • Rank 9 Crashbreaker Race Reverse
  • Rank 10 Crashbreaker Road Rage Reverse
  • Rank 10 Traffic Attack Forwards