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Andersen Street is one of the shortest roads in Downtown Paradise it is also one of the 6 parallel streets to 1st Street and Harber Street and runs from Waterfront to Downtown in Downtown Paradise. Note that Andersen Street starts at the eastern finishing location which is Waterfront Plaza at the junction with Angus Wharf but officially dead ends at the Root Avenue intersection. Andersen Street passes under a portion of the El-Train Tracks. Globally, Andersen Street runs east/west and is the only one-way street in Paradise City apart from Fry Avenue.


Event Type Event Name Starting Intersection Finish Location
Stunt Run Unconventional Angus Wharf N/A
Race Riverside Run Glancey Avenue Country Club
Burning Route (Right) Hunter Manhattan Burning Route Webster Avenue Naval Yard


All shortcuts listed from East to West involving Andersen Street.

For detailed information concerning buildings and landmarks listed below, see Downtown Paradise.

Glancey Avenue[]

When traveling Westbound on Andersen, at the South-Western corner of the intersection with Webster Avenue, drivers van enter the building site. Following this shortcut will effectively lead them to the 3rd Street and Glancey Avenue junction. From then on, the player is at liberty to choose his next heading, either Southbound on Glancey, Westbound on 3rd or link to the Downtown Park shortcut directly opposite the building site's entrance.

Glancey & Harber[]

Between the Glancey Avenue and Root Avenue intersections, the driver will find himself under the El Train tracks, between the 2 Natural ramps are two openings on either side of the road, taking the North path will lead you to the Glancey and 4th Street intersection, while taking South will bring you down to Harber Street.

For more information, see Back Alley Shortcut.

El Train tracks[]

Between the Glancey Avenue and Root Avenue intersections, the driver will find himself under the tracks, there are two ramps leading upwards and when taken with sufficient speed, will lead the player onto the tracks above (after passing through a Burnout Billboard). If heading Eastbound, drivers can leap off the tracks onto the 1st story of the shopping mall shortcut, heading straight ahead in the building will lead players to a super jump after which will find themselves on Paradise Square. If heading Eastbound on the tracks, players will simply drop the tracks at the Glancey Avenue intersection.

Paradise Square[]

At the intersection with Root Avenue, lies an entrance to a shopping mall, players can zoom into the building and will find themselves on Paradise Square. Alternatively, players can drive into the mall from Paradise Square and will be pointed Eastbound on Andersen Street.

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