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The American Drifter is a car that appears in Burnout Dominator and is part of the Factory Series.

It is fairly heavy, making it an ideal car for Road Rage, and it is equipped with drift tires, which enhances its ability to drift. Because of these factors, its primary fortes are Drift Challenges and Road Rage.

It is available in a yellow/black, black, and red/black body color.

How to Unlock[]

Drift over 3,000 ft in the Factory Series - Drift Challenge event at Glacier Falls.


It resembles a Chevrolet Camaro Concept and a Dodge Challenger. It has also has some design cues from a Chrysler ME Four Twelve. The Carson GT Concept from Burnout Paradise also shares similarities with both the American Drifter and Camaro.


  • The American Drifter has a Montana license plate, although there is no track in Burnout Dominator based on Montana.
  • The American Drifter's weight can increase its rate of speed when driving downhill.