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Air Time, also known as Big Air or Massive Air is the name given to time spent in the air. The most air time can be gained when players jump off a ramp. Both Air Time and jump distance accumulate boost at the same time whilst in the air. Air time is also a large aspect of Stunt Run events as it can earn a large amount of points as well as multiplier bonuses. Some vehicles usually non Stunt class cars may tend to tilt in the air and cause the vehicle to wreck upon landing.

In Freeburn Online, players can earn air time by landing many jumps consecutively in a short amount of time from each other. Two well known places to link air time together are the Uphill Drive Steps and the jumps that start from the South Bay Bridge and lead you through the Naval Yard. The newest place to achieve amazing air time records is Big Surf Island.

The original Burnout is the only main game in the series where it is not possible to get air time, even if you do spend time in the air. Spending time in the air will not add to your score or your burn meter.


  • In Burnout Paradise when doing Air Time the song currently playing will distort a little and become completely flat, without bass or anything, and every other sound will slowly mute. After landing all sounds and songs come to normal.