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Hunter Takedown 4x4

A typical aggression boost vehicle created by Hunter which is the largest manufacturer of aggression boost vehicles.

Vehicles equipped with Aggression Boost are typically larger, stronger and heavier cars which have been designed or adapted to take and inflict more damage when dealing with rivals. Aggression boost vehicles are usually much heavier and slower than vehicles fitted with the other boost types. Compared to stunt boost vehicles, aggression boost ones are slower, more formidable but less maneuverable, it could even be said that they are exact opposites of each other, while one has decent overall capabilities (stunt boost), aggression boost vehicles sacrifices one or more stats to achieve a better strength (decreased speed, higher resistance), and they generally maintain a profile of bigger engines to move a bigger vehicle mass than others, while speed boost vehicles for instance can have as many similarities with other vehicle types, but those cars are generally equipped with turbocharger and can have smaller vehicle size and very variable boost durations.

Burnout 3 and Revenge Boost[]

This boost type is commonly used in previous Burnout games. The section of the boost bar will extend up to 4 times longer when the player takes down a rival. However, if a player's car crashes, the bar will deplete.

Burnout Paradise Boost[]

The boost system of Aggression cars is the same as the boost systems found on cars from Burnout 3: Takedown and Burnout Revenge. The only difference is that the maximum length has been decreased from x4 to x3. Aggression vehicles can use their boost at any time.

They are the best type of cars for Marked Man and Road Rage events. Some can be used for Race events as they can be used to Takedown the smaller rivals. This boost type has a bright red flame and is the only boost bar that can change length. The length of the boost bar depends on how often the player has been taken down or takes down other rivals. The boost bar can be split into a x1, x2 or x3 length.

These cars earn boost by performing 'aggressive' actions such as slamming, shunting, traffic checking or scoring takedowns. Hitting destructible elements of the environment, such as street signs, crates and billboards, can provide moderate amounts of additional boost. Taking down a rival's car, driving through a gas station or smashing a Burnout billboard completely fills the boost bar and adds another chunk to it. Getting taken down, joining a Freeburn Online game or crashing in some events will cause the boost bar to lose a chunk. Crashing removes a small amount of boost from within the bar.


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Burnout Paradise - Aggression Trailer

The official Aggression car trailer from 2007 (pre-release)