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Acclaim Entertainment was a North American developer and publisher of computer and video games. It was created in 1982 by Greg Fischbach and it developed, published, marketed and distributed games for several platforms, most notably the PlayStation 2 and the Microsoft Xbox. The company suffered from bankruptcy in 2004 and it was sold to Acclaim Games and Throwback Entertainment.

At first the company focused only on games publication, but after the purchase of several development studios, it shifted into the development activity. Although Acclaim published 2 of the Burnout series games, it did also suffer from a bad reputation as a developer, due to poor gameplay in its software which inevitably led to its undoing. Poor sales brought the company down, several lawsuits against the company for nudity by artists and also by employees in fear of being related to these cases, sunk it even further.

The company closed its studios and after a few failed attempts at resurrecting it, Acclaim filed for bankruptcy as its debt raised to $100 million. An effort was made to reopen 2 studios but intellectual property rights prevented from doing so. Ultimately, Howard Marks purchased the name "acclaim" and established Acclaim Games in 2006, a free MMORPG games website.

Burnout games published[]

Title Release Date Systems
Burnout November 11, 2001 PlayStation 2, Microsoft Xbox & Nintendo Gamecube
Burnout 2: Point of Impact September 30, 2002 PlayStation 2, Xbox & Nintendo Gamecube

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