These original Challenges require exactly 8 players to be in the current Online Freeburn.

1Quick FireDriverUse Boost.
2Batter UpTeamMeet in the Wildcats Baseball Stadium.
3Co-op Jump DistanceTeamJump a total of 800 yards. All drivers must contribute.
4Learn to DriftDriverGet a 100-yard drift.
5Near Miss IntroDriverGet a total of 4 Near Misses.
6Billboard IntroDriverSmash a Burnout Billboard.
750 Yard JumpDriverJump 50 yards.
8Barrel Roll IntroDriverLand a Barrel Roll on Big Surf Beach
9Stuntman!TeamOne driver jump the other 7 on Big Surf Beach.
10Over A MileTeamGet a total of 16,000 yards of Oncoming. All drivers must contribute.
11Paradise JumpDriverJump over the Paradise Avenue Bridge.
12Wharf LoopsTeamLand a total of 50 jumps off the ramps in the alley behind Angus Wharf. All drivers must contribute.
13In The NavyTeamMeet up at the Fort Lawrence Naval Yard.
14Mr BridgerTeamLand a total of 160 Jumps on the South Bay Expressway Bridge. All drivers must contribute.
15Parking ProblemDriverPower Park your car.
16Quick BurstDriverBoost for a total of 10 seconds.
17Rush HourTeamAll drivers chain 200 yards of Oncoming on the I-88 Freeway at the same time.
18Simple...DriverChain 5 Near Misses on the I-88 Freeway.
19Floor FillerTeamUse the ramps on the roof of Lambert Parkway parking Garage and meet in the second building under construction on Hall Avenue.
20Pier PressureDriverJump the pier on Manners Ave 6 times.
21Dam Co-opTeamJump a total of 1000 yards on Casey Pass. All drivers must contribute.
22WaterworksTeamMeet on the roof of the Waterworks building behind the Rockridge Dam.
23Dirt Track FunDriverDrift a total of 2,000 yards and get a total of 5 Near Misses at the Lone Peaks Srtock Car Track.
24Don't Look DownDriverJump the Lone Peaks Quarry mine shaft 4 times.
25Tube TrainDriverDrive through the North Mountain Drive pipeline.
26Mountain MissTeamGet a total of 45 Near Misses on South Mountain Drive. All drivers must contribute.
27Wind Farm MeetTeamMeet at the Wind Farm.
28Jump HighDriverJump 100 yards over the Nelson Way Gas Station using the railroad high jump.
29Boost ChaseDriverBoost for a total of 45 seconds.
30Long Co-op JumpsTeamJump a total of 2,000 yards. All drivers must contribute.
31Co-op DriftTeamDrift a total of 8,000 yards. All drivers must contribute.
32Billboards... Go!DriverSmash 5 Burnout Billboards.
33Fill The Barn!TeamMeet in the hay loft in the barn on Hillside Pass.
34What A Blast!DriverDrift 2,000 yards and land 10 Jumps in the Lone Peaks Quarry.
35Dirt Track SmashTeamCrash into each other at the Lone Peaks Stock Car Track.
36Miracle MileDriverGet a total of 10 Near Misses and 720 degrees of Flat Spinon the South Bat Expressway Bridge.
37Lift-OffTeamGet 40 Near Misses and 120 seconds of Air Time at the Eastern Shore Airfield. All drivers must contribute.
38RollingTeamLand 40 Barrel Rolls at the Eastern Shore Airfield.
39Go AroundDriverGet a total of 40 Near Misses at the Eastern Shore Airfield.
40Hold The ButtonDriverBoost for a total of 90 seconds.
41On The WaterfrontTeamMeet at the Waterfront Plaza.
42Find A SpaceDriverPower Park and score 75% or better.
43Step OverTeamSeven drivers park on the Ocean View Steps while the other jumps over them all.
44Hoop DreamsDriverJump from the collapsed hangar through the suspended aircraft fuselage section at the Eastern Shore Airfield.
45Dead Man's ReverseDriverLand a reverse jump over Dead Man's Edge.
46Fast FuelDriverBoost non-stop for 20 seconds on the I-88 Freeway.
47The IslandDriverFind the lakeside ramps and jump to Silver Lake then off again.
48EdgyDriverLand a total of 4 Jumps over Dead Man's Edge.
49Angus LeapTeamJump from the parking garage on the EAST side of Angus Wharf to meet up on top of the parking garage on the WEST side.
50Roller HoopDriverBarrel Roll from the collapsed hangar through the aircraft fuselage section at the Eastern Shore Airfield.
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